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The Rise of the Alternative Space

The workplace of the future integrates life and work. A place of work, ideas, collaboration, music, theatre and entertainment.


Of10 Coworking, Powai

Where do you go to get things done?

Today, 65% of office workers believe they would be more productive if they could telecommute or work anywhere except in a traditional office environment.

According to the Staples Second Annual 2016 Workplace Index, 64% of respondents said their workplace had contributed to stress levels, and 13% said they had taken a stress- related leave of absence from their job.

Now these are harrowing statistics.

With the rise of the creative class, the traditional office environment is redundant. We want flexibility, we want freedom and we need our own space. At Of10 we call this the “Third Place” — community gathering spaces that are not work or home, such as coffee shops and co-working spaces.

We believe the Third Place will ultimately become the #1 gathering grounds for cross-connecting people, cultures and organisations.

Flexible Office Space

Story Telling Conference

Let me give you an example to illustrate.

Of10 is a full fledged office space, community library, coffee shop and most interestingly, event venue.

At this point you might think to yourself- sounds very distracting!

Let me step in there and tell you that in fact every space should be like this. Multifunctional, multifaceted and multi-tenanted.

Due to their access to diverse uses in one place, Third Places can contribute to a community’s vitality. Additionally, these multi-functional amenities often appeal to diverse community members, including activists, artists, academics and social entrepreneurs, allowing them to act as incubators for new ideas, knowledge exchange, shared experience and experimentation.

This connection of communities can inspire innovative thinking and provide opportunities for collaboration and partnerships across traditional boundaries.

Flexible Office Space


Of10 over the period of its existence has been a thriving co-working space, housing 15 diverse companies ranging from a Social Impact Assessment company to a leading Design Studio.

They have held

  1. Plays
  2. Improv nights
  3. Conferences, and
  4. Indie music gigs.

Not only has this helped us create a vibrant community but it has also vitalised the neighbourhood.

Flexible Office Space

Live Music

The suburb of Powai which had never had access to high quality workshops, music and community events was now teaming with comedy gigs, live music, experimental theatre while becoming a cultural hub for all things creative.

Massive shifts across demographics, urbanization and technology have revolutionized the world, but have also created more complexity than ever before. The way we work and the physical environments that we work in will increasingly blur into how we live and play.

The future of work, driven by new ways of working, is really about how to build physical workspaces that support work-life integration in any given day.

So next time you are picking an office space, a space for your music gig, company offsite or even a conference, consider an alternate space, consider Of10.

Everything is on us. All you have to do is change the world.