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Office Space goes Virtual

Change the way you work with the Virtual Office

Chillin’ like a Pineapple Shaped VillainChillin’ like a Pineapple Shaped Villain

Ah the “Digital Nomad”. Traveling the world, sipping mojitos on beaches, all while building their business empire. Ever wonder how this lifestyle is sustainable?

No way in hell would your clients be ok with you spending the week on an island while they are stuck behind their cubicles in an extremely expensive yet classy commercial building in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai.

So how do they do it?

Let me give you the secret to the life of the digital nomad.


Your clients do not need to know about your exotic office environment! Your work speaks for yourself and your location, lifestyle and working environment are only your concern!

So how do you placate the everyday corporate client who NEEDS you to be miserable at your desk working hard?

This is not the life for you!This is not the life for you!

The Virtual Office! Virtual Office plans are designed to give you a professional, upscale business address, mail handling services and your clients the peace of mind that their business is in safe professional hands. This is a cheap yet effective alternative to ensuring clients’ mental satisfaction while not compromising on your lifestyle.

What’s more? Your client is based out of Mumbai and you are located all the way in Bangalore? Well do not fear, the virtual office solves for this problem as well.

Not only can you get a professional office address in the extremely expensive Real Estate market of Mumbai, co-working spaces such as Of10, Powai, will throw in week long access to the space so that you even have on demand physical office space when you need it!

Your new Mumbai office, you’re welcome!Your new Mumbai office, you’re welcome!

Designed for intelligent businesses and entrepreneurs looking for a country wide presence, a premium business address, while they wander the globe or simply for someone looking to add a touch of professionalism to their small scale enterprise. The Virtual Office is a smart and effective way to change the way you work.

Of10 is located in Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, the premier tech neighbourhood of Mumbai.

Check out to learn about our Virtual Office Plans.

Everything is on us. All you have to do is change the world.