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Ever dreamt of a New York Office Address? Well with Of10 you can get that and much more. Of10 has officially partnered with Spark Labs NYC, giving our members an exclusive access to their community, programmes and fantastic amenities. If you’re in tech industry and working on your own start-up, Spark Labs appears to offer many more services to you than just a co-working opportunity!

Spark Labs is the leading coworking community for innovators in NYC. It’s founded to help local and foreign entrepreneurs speed up the development of their businesses in new markets. With this collaboration, expanding your business to NYC becomes that much easier.

Located in Bryant Park and Union Square, Spark Labs is arguably one of the best coworking spaces in the world!

This partnership offers Of10 members an immediate FREE workplace in NYC when they travel.

That’s not all; here are other benefits that the members of Of10 can expect out of this collaboration:####

  • Get an opportunity to create and expand your business out of Spark Lab’s NYC lab. *
  • Hands-on training needed to help boost your business. *
  • Accesses to top venture capitalists that can help grow your company. *
  • Front row seats to the New York start-up ecosystem. *
  • From networking to workshops, they will make sure you attend their exclusive events. *

Just like the multicultural city of NYC, Spark Labs boasts a global community of founders & innovators. With Of10’s “Work from anywhere” initiative, we hope to inspire and show them that there is absolutely nothing stopping them from changing the world.

So what are you waiting for! Get in the “Empire State of Mind”.

Check out the Spark Labs website.

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