April 18, 2017

“The use of a work environment by people who work for different organisations or are self-employed, so as to share space, equipment, ideas and knowledge is co-working. The whole idea of co-working is to bring bright, creative people together and let the ideas collide.”


Imagine this: A work space where you saunter in and out at an hour of your choice, work on building your brand, spot like-minded individuals and get downto business! A place that lives by the quote “work hard, play hard” and where you spot NO boring cubicles. This will sound appealing to any professional who finds it difficult to be productive in isolation, sitting in their PJs at home or hurting their pockets by spending long hours in the café.

Co-working spaces are designed to build a comm-YOU-nity of creative individuals. These spaces are buzzing centres of energy and a melting pot of ideas and strategies which ensure, you have enough fuel to fire your imagination which in turn will reflect in your product/service.


  • Flexible working: People working in shared spaces can work freely at any time of the day and are not restricted to single cubicles like we’ve come to expect from a traditional office. The lack of rigid work hours, the freedom to talk and mingle with others on work, makes way for creative co-working spaces. *
  • Networking: Shared working spaces are known for having open and engaging environment, where the work is collaborative in nature and thus improves workplace interactions. You work with multiple businesses under one roof which gives you leads and references to connect with your potential employees, clients and investors. There’s plenty of opportunity in a coworking space for sharing knowledge and for cross-company tie-ups. *
  • Mentorship: when you’re a fairly new entrepreneur, having someone to guide you and answer your queries is a blessing. In a shared workingspace, you get to speak to people from other businesses, which let you gain from the experience of other founders and experts. *
  • A pool of ideas: Because coworking space is more than just a place of work! They are also incredibly creative spaces where many new ideas are nurtured, giving ample opportunity to the development of new ventures. *
  • Work and pleasure? Coworking culture is tapping into what it means to truly mix work and pleasure, fun and networking, creating aculture that is attractive (and lucrative) for all the dynamic, budding entrepreneurs. *
  • State of the art infrastructure: A workplace that is meticulously curated and looks straight out of your dreams having bespoke interiors that is soothing to the eyes. One can concentrate on important things here, rather than worrying about bad internet! *

The industrial capital of the country, Mumbai now has an increasing demand for coworking spaces. Located in the heart of India’s Silicon Valley: Hiranandani Gardens in Powai, OF10 is a stereotype breaker. Beautifully done interiors that give away a young pop culture and quintessentially new-age vibe, Of10 is the work place of today. Work along with designers, digital marketers,and VCs who have mastered their respective field!

A work place that houses a community library, a PlayStation, has a gaming area and a pantry that the members swear by, Of10 is working towards building a healthy space for its members where ideas can be developed and exchanged. It has huge open area, to facilitate mingling amongst the solopreneurs and entrepreneurs. The arrangement is an absolute godsend for freelancers, small businesses and budding entrepreneurs, which surprisingly, isn’t heavy on the pockets too. Ditchyour worries about working with random people, because the founders have a strict screening policy, and no two a-like companies work together.



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