June 13, 2017

Entrepreneurship is for brave hearts, and the journey to being an “Entrepreneur” is a long and bumpy one. The competition is fierce, and the hurdles are more than ever before. There are myriads of responsibilities involved and managing them optimally is the key. In this scenario, the biggest challenge one can expect to face is getting a place to start building their vision. Sure, we all enjoy the convenience of working from home; but it’s not all fun as it looks. Constant distractions make it an impractical option. One can also feel isolated when one works alone for an extended period of time.

So, what’s the best alternative?

Traditional offices that have lock-in periods and require shelling out a huge amount of money? Those are already a relic of the industrial era. Or coffee shops that raise their brows if you sit in there for too long, everyday? That leaves us with only one alternative: Collaborative workspaces. No, we are not talking about stereotypical shared office spaces that you rent out, make use of all their services, and leave. We won’t talk about benefits like cost effectiveness, private space for business meet ups, plug and play kinda work space here, because that’s something we get from almost every coworking space.

Think small talks by the water coolers, how we could share ideas and thoughts during those mini-breaks. A collaborative workspace works on that principle. Innovation is not finding clever people and throwing them into a conference room hoping that game-changing ideas will foster. Today, to drive innovation and attract the best talent, it’s crucial to create workspaces that cater to diverse forms of collaboration. During the course of your business set up, spending a piece of your valuable time on contemplating decisions regarding internet and furniture set up is the last thing to be on your mind.

All those benefits are already there along with some added features that you didn’t even know you needed, until you see them available at your collaborative workspace. Also, such spaces have people from diverse background making it a space with little direct competition or internal politics. So you don’t feel that you have to put on a work persona to fit in. These spaces are an hub of creativity where individuals can get together and support each other’s ideas, often finding ways in which to collaborate for even greater innovation or success. For example, you have created an app that’s at par with Facebook; you can always ask your co-workers to be a beta tester!

It is often said that your working environment directly impacts your productivity levels. If you are in a buzzing, proactive environment filled with lots of like-minded people all working hard to achieve their goals, then that will undoubtedly make you strive hard and your productivity will increase as a result. Lastly, if you are a natural introvert, challenge yourself with co working that can boost your confidence level before you go to meet investors for “Start-up pitch”



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