November 5, 2016

We have seen too many good ideas perish simply because their creators are too scared to leave behind a traditional professional life to go against the grain and pursue them. We have personally experienced the sheer monotony of a corporate job that confines you to a box and conditions you to believe that work is simply following orders and not pushing your boundaries.

With Of10, we hope to inspire millennials like ourselves and show them that there is absolutely nothing stopping them from changing the world. We hope to give people so much more than just a co-working space; rather, a community that they can learn from, be inspired by, work hard and play harder with.

Of10 is an independent members only organization committed to forging the future of work. Of10 builds beautiful spaces catering to the young mobile worker. We pride ourselves on our exclusivity and diversity and hence ensure that we only allow high performing members from disparate fields. We have over 11 companies housed at our flagship, Of10 Co-working space in Powai. Which range from tech companies to design, HR, VR and CSR.

Good ideas and unconventional wisdom need to be championed; we intend to promote the people behind them.



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