April 4, 2017

Business fairs are good opportunities for individuals to build a network for themselves. Now, co-working spaces in Mumbai now provide similar networking opportunities. Except that this can happen on a regular basis.

It is commonplace for a social media start-up to often find a design company in the same working space. They can also collaborate with them on a project. Individuals and freelancers often get work from companies in the same shared office. This happens especially after one recommends the services to others.

This is the way work culture has changed. People are now working in a community oriented manner. They share resources and there are opportunities for the growth for all. Networking happens in the following ways in an office.


Assuming you have cracked a deal recently or if you have come up with a new product or a new service. Then, you can do an event in the cafe or a conference room and invite other members of your shared office. Introduce yourself to them and find out what they do. Talk about business trends, insights or anything else. The least that could happen is you make new friends.



Often, co-working in Mumbai will provide you with opportunities for displaying your work. If you are a graphic designer, pin up some of your work on the soft board. If you are a start up, print some letterheads, stationery, mugs. Put them on your desk at all times for people to notice. This helps to get your presence felt and start conversations that may come in useful later on.



The concept of conversations by the water cooler is never too old. If you are a part of co-working spaces in Mumbai you are bound to meet new people everywhere. In the cafeteria, the lift, the lobby, the lounge, pantry etc.

This is where your small talk begins. How you take it forward and turn it into your advantage is completely in your hands.



Taking up co-working space Mumbai will also give you the chance to make “b2b” connections. It is not uncommon for a design agency to partner with a marketing company in the same shared office. Once two companies do business under the same roof, chances of recommendations increase. Often clients recommend outside the space, giving you opportunities to expand your business. In a start up culture, everyone is looking for cost effective and “jugaadu” ways of getting the job done. Working with like-minded people in the same office is the essence of co-working. It is perfect for growth and expansion opportunities.



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