December 14, 2016

Office spaces. A dying breed, at death’s doorstep, taking its last breath, one foot in the grave and whatever other fancy term that describes the rapid death of office spaces. Remember that young chap that once chained you to your desks in a staring contest with your computer screen, between frequent bouts of smiling painfully through another terrible joke made by your boss? Well, he’s old news now. Soon, he’ll be nothing but a dug-up grave and a pile of ashes. The cause behind his death? Oh, the brilliant folks of the 21st century, of course! The real heroes that choose the easier and far superior option of working at a charming café or a delightful restaurant, combined with the Of10 Insider perks.

At this point, we bet you’re saying, “Hold up, I get to work at my favourite café while inhaling delicious food and scoring the best seat in the house?” Let us tell you, you’re wrong. Because you get all of that and a much (much) faster WiFi. Is it any wonder that office spaces are dying out? And lighting their pyre is the Deus Ex Machina of professional work: Of10 Insider.

With our help, you can walk into Insider restaurants and get greeted by a friendly face instead of the face of your grouchy receptionist. And, you can gaze at the beautifully furnished spaces and sit in the extremely comfortable chairs, instead of your boring grey office walls and a cramped cubicle and black chair that doesn’t even swivel. Let’s face it: your colleagues at the office are so dead on the inside, they make you wish you could summon the Ghostbusters. And the food? Oh, the food! Of10 Insider restaurants offer you the most exquisite, lip-smacking and yummilicious food that makes the idea of going to work sound like a picnic instead of a chore. Say Avada Kedavra to the tasteless meals and the indigestion!

Did you know that the literal meaning of office is “a building used as a place of business for non-manual work”? And what’s the synonym for it? Boring. With its amazing benefits, Of10 Insider is leading the funeral procession of office spaces and paving the way for the future of professional work. Instead of boring burial services and sad memorials though, we invite you to visit any of the Of10 Insider spots and celebrate the death of office spaces. Au revoir, snooze-fests!



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