March 15, 2017

“If you truly want to design great things, you must first look at the problems, the person you’re designing for, with complete attention, with complete empathy and really listen.”

A UI design expert, the youngest MD of a UI design firm and now, the co-founder of Zeux Innovation, Saurabh is an overachiever by nature.

While chatting with him, I am introduced to the fire in his belly when it comes to design. He has the knowledge and experience that a lot of us crave to achieve. More than this, what makes him someone we’d love to know is his belief in the power of design and the cool and composed self that he has remained even after spending more than 12 years in the corporate world.

Achievements aren’t easy to come by and even after gathering them at such a young age, he exudes an aura that is absolutely opposite of what you would expect from someone at his position. He maintains a serene attitude even after being caught in the middle of a storm on a day-to- day basis.

His morning rituals of meditation and yoga have allowed him to gain clarity and helped him create a distance between him and his thoughts that have allowed him to continue climbing up the ladder when it comes to his professional life.

“The ability to do what you say you’ll do is the only quality that people are looking for.”

The number one reason why Saurabh is where he is in life is because he has stayed true to what he promises. This quality of his has allowed him to become more reliable to those he has worked for in the past and has taken him to a level where he could be given more complex roles to handle. Once he reached the stage of becoming an MD, he realized that his emotional intelligence and understanding of human emotions and feelings allowed him to better deal with people.

Some of us work because we must and some of us do so to accomplish something. Paying attention to detail is the need of the hour and no one has understood it better than Saurabh. An entrepreneur by choice, he talks about the biggest achievement his company, Zeux Innovation has had till date. They have partnered with India’s largest securities firm and are responsible for their complete UX ecosystem.

His interest in design is deep rooted and this flashes intensely in his idea of ‘Bakwaas Design’. He aims to create a repository of bad designs. These will include the bad day-to- day designs that he comes across and not the very obvious and mainstream ones that he dislikes. According to him, this is a cultural problem that is in urgent need of social engineering.

He aims to get design out of elite rooms and get it to a level where normal everyday people can touch base with it. Staying uncomfortable is what keeps you going and he is ensuring everyday that is where he remains.



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