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Of10 Weekly Email 2

Email Subject: Say you won’t let go

Hey All,

This week’s weekly mail has been moved up a day. Why you ask? Because I do what I want..

No but for real, there is a LOT of stuff happening this week so wanted to give you guys a heads up:

ZEUX giving you free cash money $$$:

Boring bit:

“ZEUX is conducting a research study for a large global bank. We are looking to talk to people (for an hour) who have taken some loan (preferably personal loan). This study will be for one hour for each participant and will be conducted on Thu 15th June till Sat 17th June.

Interesting bit:

We will be paying Rs 2500 as cash incentive. They can reach out to Mansi Solanki (+91 97661 91785, or just walk to her at OF10.”

First come first serve.

Roma is giving you free Pizza!

Everyone’s moving their mojo in life. Are you? Do you know yourself? Think again. Roma, the founder of SelfConcept trained by the inventor of Mind Map, Tony Buzan is hosting Mojo-mover session with the members of Of10. The Mojo-mover process will help you discover yourself and get your mojo right. There will be limited entry and free pizza! So sign up now. For more info visit:

To RSVP email Roma at

Date and Time: 21st of June at 6 pm.

Nicki Minaj at Of10:

Well not really, but we are doing a once in a lifetime musical performance here this Friday.

We are getting arguably the best female rapper in India, Sofia Ashraf for her first performance ever in Powai. She is quite incredible with a number of her videos going viral. Nicki Minaj even re-tweeted one of her videos!

This video has 4 million views on youtube!


Mo Dolla$ 4 Of10:

(That title was my attempt at being thug; clearly I’m no rapper)

As some of you may know, we have made a revision to the prices at Of10. You will be getting individual emails about the same shortly. If you don’t, please talk to Upahar or I. #sayyouwontletgo

Improv Comedy Workshop

After seeing your fantastic attendance(or lack thereof) at all Of10, comedy events we thought you may want to try your hand at Improv! So for the first time in Powai we are hosting an improv comedy workshop! The idea is for all you guys to be as funny as me

Sign Up Here

Member of the week:

Saurabh Gupta

Work: Co-founder at Zeux Hobbies: Design par charcha Favorite Drink: Nariyal Pani Claim to Fame: Can solve the Rubix cube in ~5 10^10 hours Approachability: (On a scale of 1 to 10; how easy is he/she to talk to; with 10 being easiest) 8 on 10: Quite a respectable fellow

Music of the week:

Who loved One Direction? Don’t answer that..

But here’s a new song by ex one-directioner Liam Payne. I quite like it.


Mojo Jojo, Umang

Everything is on us. All you have to do is change the world.