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Trendy Trends of Coworking Spaces

Seeing a rise in the number of SMEs and solopreneurs who need flexible office spaces on demand, co working has become talk of the town. Companies want to use their resources and capital wisely and coworking spaces in Mumbai offers that by providing a cost-effective work ecosystem.

1. Flexible Spaces

Gone are the days when you would rent out a fixed office space. With many new businesses hiring freelancers and consultants on a temporary or project basis, the need for fixed spaces has become obsolete. Pay for a desk or take a conference room; when the freelancers are not needed. With shared spaces it becomes possible to get the kind of office you want, at a time convenient for you.


2. Added benefits

Most coworking spaces in Mumbai offer amenities like a pantry, high speed internet, a lounge, community engagement activities that helps one blend work with fun.


3. Curated Furniture

The most visible trends in a coworking space is its bespoke furniture. Décor brands these days have a special section of furniture dedicated to shared office spaces. These are modern, easy-to-maintain, that gives a chic look to the space. Some of these are genuine pieces of art and add to “vibrancy” of the place.


4. Events

Co working spaces in Mumbai also host timely events. Sometimes, even the members of the office host them, as an initiative to get to know others and promote their business and services. There could also be third-party seminars, workshops, events that give a chance to meet others, interact, exchange ideas, socialize and promote your work. Either way, this is a good opportunity for community-building, business expansion, or networking.


Studies have shown that coworking culture is wiping out conventional office spaces rapidly. Freelancers now prefer working in a shared office (int. link: Share office space, share ideas) rather than in a café, as it creates a more “serious” ambiance and also gives access to: – high speed internet, easy availability of food, a silent space to concentrate and a powerful community.

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