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Of10 Weekly Email 1

Email Subject: Never Say Never

Hello All,

First off, I would like to welcome team AutoNinja to Of10! What does Auto Ninja do you ask? They make automatic weapons for Ninja warriors across Japan..duh. Talk to them, they may slide a shuriken your way.

So this is what’s up this week.

We feel a little bloated:

Maybe it was just too much biryani, but we are feeling a little full at Of10. As you can see, we are at capacity. It is a brave new world for us so allow us time while we acclimatise.

Game Night:

Remember how we did a board game night last week? Well we are doing a bigger one this Saturday. So quit playing games with my heart and play games with me.


Charcoal Drawing Workshop:

What did one coal say to the other three? Hum Char-coal hain. Learn how to use these coals to make fantastic art work. Unlock your inner artist for this one of a kind workshop


Hamster Comedy:

I know for a fact that everyone at Of10 loves going for comedy nights. You, however never make it to ours. Here’s hoping for new beginnings: We have a fantastic lineup this weekend.

Check it out here

Member of the week:

Rishi Khaitan Hobbies: Buying people drinks Favorite Drink: Bira White Claim to Fame: Making fantastic cocktails. Infact ask him about it and he will make you some this Friday Approachability: (On a scale of 1 to 10; how easy is he/she to talk to; with 10 being easiest) 10 on 10: A little too friendly.

Music of the week:

Some more Selena Gomez this week:


I think my emails are making me weird(er), Umang

Everything is on us. All you have to do is change the world.