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Of10 Weekly Email 3

Email Subject: Covfefe

Hello Chill-Scenes but yet want to party, people, I moved my email a day forward because…I can.

So here’s the roundup for this week!

Ta- na na ta-na na tana naaaa

That is not my rendition of tunak tunak tun, it is the theme song for Game of Thrones! Episode one airs today at 6 pm! I’m arranging some popcorn and some Greek Yoghurt(random right, you will see)! What is dead may never die.

GST workshop

We have some accounting guys volunteering to conduct a ‘demystifying GST’ workshop for all our members here at Of10. If interested in attending please respond to this email. Fun times are to be had.

Oh, and its FREE

Can’t snack won’t snack

We have a new snack tracking system in place! When purchasing a snack, use our tablet to enter your credentials. It’s an easy online way to buy your snacks. It’s in beta, so tell us what you think!

New Referral Program!

So I did some thinking, I figured, if we like you, we may like your friends. So we came up with a referral program! Every friend you bring in that signs up (not from your company) we will give you a 10% discount on your next months bill!


I wrote a blog post!

I wrote a blog Post on how to write fun emails. Tell me what you think.

Member of the week

Pratik Daudkhane

Work: Does everything at Guild Cap ( Hobbies: Deep Thinking Favorite Drink: Jaegar Bombs Claim to Fame: Humour (really really bad humour) Approachability: (On a scale of 1 to 10; how easy is he/she to talk to; with 10 being easiest) 8 on 10: be ready for some bad jokes

Music of the week

Calvin Harris - Feels

Its a banger

I’d Vladimir(rather be) Putin’ you in your place, Umang

Everything is on us. All you have to do is change the world.